• : 2023 conference overview

    The theme for this year's conference is

    This virtual conference will take place during World Communications Week. CommGenius Con presents a new challenge with every session! Guest speakers share their unique insights, experiences, and knowledge to help shape the way we think about solutions. Participate in live hackathons, workshops, and panel discussions throughout each conference track.


    CommGenius welcomes content creators, storytellers, and strategic communicators. Together we will engage in meaningful conversations that will help to: 1) incubate our ideas and 2) unleash our genius.


    Each session will give you the confidence and connections to accelerate your journey to become a sought-after communications consultant or social media icon.

    : unlearn + relearn what you know about comm

    We will explore how to think about the world around us and become a sounding board for others by eliminating poor communication habits that no longer serve us. Becoming more confident and courageous as a communicator will take your career to new heights.

    : our history + our vision

    Launched in 2022, CommGenius was designed to create powerful dialogues. It is an incubator that will inspire communicators to leverage their authentic voice in order to become a trusted sounding board for others. This conference prioritizes practical application of comm theory and is positioned to elevate everyday communicators into sought-after thought leaders.